Sept. 2020 Preteen Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

Sept. 2020 Preteen Workout #2


Sept. 2020 Preteen Workout #2

Warm up
5:00 of mobility
The Brand X Warm up 3x

5 Hindu push up/push up combo

5 Walk over push ups


1 x AMAP (Rookie 3 x 7, JV 2 x 7)

Accessory work DB Bench
3 x 10

DB Front Raises 2 x 10-15
Bandy pull aparts 2 x 12-15

Move from front raises to bandy pull aparts with little rest Rest 1:00 between rounds

DB bench press

Front raises


4 rds of
200 m run
15 wall ball
10 burpees
10 wall balls
8 burpees
200 m run
Effort should be 90% Work/Rest ratio is 1:1

The “Catch and Control” version of wallball, allows kids to maintain midline stability and focus on better squat mechanics. Make sure your kids are practicing this rather than simply trying to rush through the wallballs.

Wallball – catch and control


Wounded eagle

Pec smash

Tricep smash