Sept. 2020 Preteen Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

Sept. 2020 Preteen Workout #1


Sept. 2020 Preteen Workout #1

Warm up
5:00 of mobility
The Brand X Warm up 3x

30 seconds BOS followed by 6 BOS w/lateral movement
Pay attention to feet placement and ankle, knee relationship


1 x AMAP (Rookie 3 x 7, JV 2 x 7)

Accessory work Front squat 5×5

Bulgarian squats 2 x 15


Med ball relay
Divide the class up into teams of 4-5
Set med balls or sandbags out in a straight line 10, 15 and 20 m from start line. I like to set the objects out from heaviest to lightest.

On start first person runs out to 10 m mark, picks bag up and returns to start line and drops it. They repeat the process for the 15 m and 20 m objects.

When all objects have been brought to start line, second person picks up the lightest object and runs it out to the 20 m mark. Drops it there and runs back to start. Repeating for the 15m and 10 m. Moving from lightest to heaviest object.

We would usually go through two times and then rest. Repeat 2-3x

Barefoot 25-50 pogos Max push ups Max Chin ups

Quad smash Couch stretch Athlete’s choice