January 2023 Kids Workout #3 – The Brand X Method

January 2023 Kids Workout #3


January 2023 Kids Workout #3

Movement Prep
10 meters/30 feet Bounding
(leaping or springing with shortest contact time possible between jumps) 10 Ski Hops in place

(With both feet together, hop and land at 45 degree angle, to the right, then to the left)

Get Ready
1 minute Low Cossack stretch with right leg out, use wall or post as support 1 minute Low Cossack stretch with left leg out, use wall or post as support


Movement Practice
Review the step back lunge and the walking lunge, ask kids which Movement Skills™ are needed for these and why?
Review single leg hop positions, ask kids which Movement SkillsTM are needed for these and why?


Work- Play

AMCAP 8 minutes: 12 Walking Lunges 6 Step Back lunges 6 Rock Up Get Ups 25 Jumping Jacks

For two minutes:
Practice Sliding or Gliding, use 12”x12” cardboard squares across a gymnastic or carpeted area or socks on a slick gym type floor, optionally practice indo board sliding and balancing.

Total 10 minutes

Play “Max Stack”
Using a stack of bumper plates or Martial Arts Kick or Punch Shields, create a stack to be split- jumped (lead leg and trailing leg style) and a runway of at least 2 meters/6 feet in front and back of the stack. Allow for at least two stacks with different options in height (for example one stack with 2 , one stack with 3) and allow kids to choose. Gradually add to the stack to allow each child to attempt his or her own max running hurdle.