Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

Kids Workout #2


Kids Workout #2

For 3-5 minutes:
Coaches’ choice! Use some form of sliding
Like Socks on a polished floor, gliding discs, cardboard belly boarding on a slick surface, etc.

Get Ready
1 minute relaxed BOS moving around, side lunges out if capable 1 minute Seated Hamstring raise with rope each side


Movement Practice

Jumping and Landing review

Review Movement Skill- Knee over ankle position
Practice jumping and landing in Broad Jump
Pause to check positions.
Each rep have kids focus on simultaneous take off with both feet traveling together next to each other and landing together.

Move kids who can maintain solid initiation position as well as landing, with take off and landing using both feet simultaneously, to a low object like bumper plate, increase ROM only with the above checkpoints.


Brand X® Kids Lunge Complex #2

For 8-12 minutes

Start with 2 of each and increase by two each round as far as you can go Keeping AMCAP
Step Back Lunges, alternating each leg
Step Forward Lunges, alternating each leg

Walking Lunges
30 seconds Hip Bridging on the floor


Play “Stinky Feets”
Review grab (yes) vs. scoop (no). With a central bucket, scatter at least two socks per child around the playing floor. Upon go- shoeless players begin from any point in a circle about 5m away from the central bucket and hop on one leg to grab socks with the non-hopping foot to retrieve and deliver socks to the bucket by using only one-legged hops. Legs and feet (hopping or grabbing) may be switched only at the bucket.

Alternately, play can also be arranged as team races, to separate buckets using one sock per team.

Stinky Feets

Stinky Feets 2