Kids Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

Kids Workout #1


Kids Workout #1

Prepare 3x

1 minute Jump around any way 25 Jumping Jacks

Get Ready
1 minute Downward Dog
1 minute Childs Pose
1 minute Couch stretch – each side


Movement Practice

Review Jumping and Landing Position for Broad Jumps

Review Waiting in the Outfield Movement Skill positions and practice 1-3.
Demo to class how position 3, Hinge, adding the use of arms swinging to propel you IS the start position. Take off with both feet together, pointed straight ahead.
Have a 1 minute Broad Jump “race” Winner has best simultaneous take off & landing position.



For 2 minutes:
10 Single Leg Hops any style, each leg Side Shuffle 10 meters/30feet
High Knee Skip 10 meters/30 feet

For the next 2 minutes:
Max 3 point Plank Hold
10 Frog style (soles of feet together) Sit ups

Total Time = 8-16 minutes

Play “Pillow Fight”
Set up in a two lane race format, using tall cones if available, with start cone and end cone 3-4 meters apart.
Place two soft zipper less pillows 1 meter past end cone.
Players race by running, side shuffling, high knee skipping, bear crawling, etc, to get to pillow and either:
Version A Have a pillow fight with the person on opposing team, getting there first is an advantage:)
Version B Or race to knock down tall end cone, replace pillow, do 3 burpee pillow jump overs and return.