Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

Kids Workout #2


Kids Workout #2

Using a 5-10# sandbag (backpack or small crash/kick pads) Drag/Pull the bag 10 meters/30 feet

Do 5 jump over the bag burpees Drag the bag back and repeat

Get Ready
1 minute Superman/Hollow flips
1 minute Piriformis stretch both sides 1 minute BOS Hold


Movement Practice

Reverse OH throws

Discuss Muscles on and Review position for open hip and the idea of powerful opening of the hip and explosion. Discuss smooth transition from DL to explosive throw.

Then have class individually 1 or 2 at a time slowly Deadlift (use dodgeballs for practice) then explosively throw backwards over head to a wall from about 3 meters/6 feet away.



2 minutes Hinge over Box KB DL (dodgeball to 8 kg Kb or 15# db)
2 minutes Single leg Hops over a line and back, alternate feet as needed

1 minute
Alternate 2 Ring Pull ups, 10 meter seal walk (drag body, walk with hands)

Total Time = 15 minutes

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Play “Don’t Touch the Floor”
Variety of obstacles set up in large continuous circle that have to be climbed/swung over, through, or under without touching the floor. Once someone touches the floor, everyone comes into the middle and performs 5 reps of a movement, e.g., squats, mountain climbers, burpees.