Kids Workout #3 – The Brand X Method

Kids Workout #3


Kids Workout #3

1 minute Frog Hops
1 minute Frog Hops to 25# bumper plates
1 minute Frog Hops to 2 25# bumper plates stacked 1 minute Bear Crawl

1 minute Bear Crawl over bumper plates

Get Ready
1 minute vertical tricep stretch against the wall each arm
1 minute horizontal bicep stretch against the wall each arm


Movement Practice

Pull Horizontal- Single Arm Doorframe Pulls

Review Safe Shoulder position, (scapular retraction and depression)
Stand at a rig and use an upright pole (or a sturdy open door frame) – with your feet lined up to the side of the upright (or with a door frame next to the door handle side of the frame.) Starting with your left arm grab the frame and lean all the way back , keeping your body flat, then pull to standing. Turn around and face the other way but using the same side of the doorframe and pull with the right arm.
*Advanced version, for students who have both core stability throughout and strength, try the one arm rotational version, where the non pulling arm comes up to point and reach past the pulling arm, while core stays flat and stable.


Work- Play
For 10-12 minutes:

5 Single Arm pulls, each arm
5 Sandbag Deadlifts (5-25#)
10 Jumping Jacks
Bear Crawl 10 meters/30 feet, High Knee Skip back

Play “Draw the Exercise”
Distribute one piece of paper and pencil per child.
This works best ( without distractions) if kids are cued to lay on their tummies while drawing.

Ask kids to initial and write their ages on the top of the page, then draw a given exercise as described by Coach.
Hang the pictures in your gym and/or post to social media.