Kids Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

Kids Workout #1


Kids Workout #1

Jog 10 meters
Bear Crawl 10 meters Sprint 10 meters Rest in BOS 1 minute

Get Ready
1 minute wounded eagle
1 minute BOS, with movement in the bottom


Movement Practice

DL and Hinge review, Review Brand X® Movement Skills™ Waiting in the outfield, Strong Tree, Footprint in the Sand and Muscles On.
Have each child hinge over a bench and do 3 slow kb deadlifts (4-8 kg)



For 10 – 12 minutes:
10 Deadlift 4-8 kg/ 8-16 lbs# (kb or holding a db vertically) 10 Box Hurdles
Max Static Bar Hang in bottom position
Max Static Bar Hang in top position

Play “Bag Drag Races”
Load Sandbags or Skilz Drag Bags with 5#-30# and create 10 meter/30 feet team races around a cone.
Note: for Skilz bags advise players to hold “tail strap” for added safety.