Youth Fitness for ParentsDefining Physical Literacy – The Brand X Method

Youth Fitness for Parents
Defining Physical Literacy


Youth Fitness for Parents
Defining Physical Literacy

By Jeff Martin
December 1 2022

What is Physical Literacy?
Every child should be able to run, jump, throw, catch, tumble, climb, and many other basic skills that motivate him or her to interact and make sense of their environment with confidence and competence.

It’s called physical literacy.  Physical literacy is a multidimensional concept that describes a holistic foundation for physical activity and engagement.  Physical Literacy is defined as “the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.” -The International Physical Literacy Association, May 2014

Physical literacy is the foundation upon which a child’s fitness and athleticism are built.  The broader this foundation, the broader the athletic choices are for a kid, the more likely they are to successfully complete physical tasks and seek out new activities and the more likely that kid will become an adult that remains curious about and engaged in physical pursuits.

Do you remember that kid in elementary school?  The one who got picked first for every sport?  The one who ran
faster, jumped higher moved with freedom and seemed fearless.  We all remember that kid.  That is the kid most people hold up as physically literate, because athleticism is a by product of being competent and confident in your ability to move, address any task or activity that life throws at you.

But here is the the good news – everybody can be physically literate.  By definition physical literacy is a a lifelong journey and is unique to each individual.  Every child has a start point and can expand and increase their physical literacy.

We imagine a future where kids once again have the freedom and fearlessness to do the impossible. Our goal is to “Do What is Best for Kids”™.  Brand X® does that by helping kids find joy in movement so that they arecompetent, confident and motivated, this is the basis of both high level athleticism and pursuing an active healthy lifestyle. 

In our next blog we’ll talk about how we do this within our programs.

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