Mikki Lee Martin on Chopra.com on Play – The Brand X Method

Mikki Lee Martin on Chopra.com on Play


Mikki Lee Martin on Chopra.com on Play

There is nothing we like to geek out over more than Play (except maybe the deadlift, but we will save that for another time)

It follows then, that we were honored and excited to be interviewed for the recent article from Chopra.com “Awaken your inner child to the joys of play” by Brooke Diaz

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Play means so many things.

We say our kids “play” sport, even when it is 100% professionalized, we say we play music, we play games, we play at the playground, we play in the gym, we use the term broadly.

Yet, play actually does have some pretty detailed and specific definitions. At Brand X® we focus on the idea of getting as close to the magic of “Free Play” as we can within our Youth Fitness programs. In practice, this means we promote experimentation and exploration as they create positive and necessary adaption, in all the ways- biologically, socially and psychologically.

Play energizes your brain and helps your mental health-no matter your age.

Learn more about how Brand X® Does What is Best for Kids™ including adding play into our programs.