Tuesday, September 22, 2015 – The Brand X Method

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Brand X Method™ Preschool Workout

Demonstrate and practice bottom of the squat with arms up

Run around – When trainer calls “freeze,” kids perform 2 broad jumps and 1 squat

AMRAP in 5:00
3 cones
Cone 1 – 3 floppies
Cone 2 – 3 push-ups
Cone 3 – 3 burpees

Save the Puppy

This is a scenario-based workout/game. Kids pretend to rescue a litter of puppies and deliver them to the vet before the puppies wander onto a train track. Difficulty can be raised by increasing distances and puppy weight.

Set two cones about 20 to 25 meters apart. At Cone 2, lay two speed ladders side by side to represent the train track. Place dodgeballs and stuffed toy dog but one plyo-box nearby in some kind of agility course (eg, box jump snake) to represent a town. At the end of the course, set another plyo-box upside down to serve as the vet’s office.

Starting at Cone 1, kids sprint toward Cone 2 and the train track. They do 3 push-ups, turning their cheeks to the ground (looking both ways before crossing the tracks), run through and along the speed ladders, pick up a puppy (dodgeball ball or similar), carry puppy through town and deliver the puppy to the vet by dropping in the overturned plyo-box. Then they sprint back to Cone 1 and start over, sprinting to save another puppy. Trainers must continually move puppies from vet toward train tracks. As a way to speed up the game, use the stuffed animal to motivate athletes to get the “real dog” rather than the balls.


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