January 2023 Teen Workout #4 – The Brand X Method

January 2023 Teen Workout #4


January 2023 Teen Workout #4

For 5-8 minutes
1 minute Pendulum- arms outstretched overhead
1 minute Spinning with a partner (hold both of your partners hands) 1 minute Broad Jumps

Get Ready
1 minute BOS
1 minute Happy Baby at the wall


Box Hurdles

Box Hurdles- Discuss and demonstrate hand placement, arm position and show Push Down + Jump Over sequence to travel over the Box, allow kids to start on low boxes relative to their size as well as creativity to move over the box as they can find a solution that works for them. Often beginners will want to bring their legs onto the box rather than directly over it, this should change as confidence builds.


Work- Play

For 8-10 minutes: 10 Floppy/or Burpee 1 Max Plank Hold 15 Box Hurdles

Play “Plank Battles”
From Plank position partners attempt to push or pull each other out of plank position By using any of the following- cross hand pull or push, same side hand pull or push, holding each other at forearms, handshake, hooking top two fingers, etc. For advanced kids, raise one leg, 3 point plank battle.