December 2022 Teen Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

December 2022 Teen Workout #2


December 2022 Teen Workout #2


Warm up:
3x or 5:00
Handstand walk or bear crawl
100 m accelerating run
5 perfect squats
30 seconds in the bottom of the squat 5 PVC good mornings
10 walking lunges
10-second bar hang


10:00 Not for Time Jog 400 m
5 DB overhead squats 20 double unders


Baseline Test

Max Pull ups
Max Squat thrusts in 30 seconds
*Have kids pair up, first one does exercise/second one counts, then switch.
*Both kids complete pull ups then move to squat thrusts
*Log first round numbers for pull ups and squat thrusts
*Pull ups are strict
*Squat thrusts ( course/lessons/17672899-brand-x-squat-thruster)

Start in standing position
Hands go to the ground near feet
Legs kick back to plank
Legs brought back near hands
Jump (hands do not have to go over head)
(Watch for shorting the plank position and not opening hip on jump)

12-15 face pulls
10 pistols or pistol progression ( youth-coach-pro-course/lessons/36104152-pistol-progression)

Calf stretch Spiderman stretch Couch stretch