December 2019 Kids Workout #5 – Explore/Express – The Brand X Method

December 2019 Kids Workout #5 – Explore/Express


December 2019 Kids Workout #5 – Explore/Express

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Bear Crawl Follow the Leader – switch leader every minute
Coach’s Note: cue players to leave arm’s length space behind the player ahead of them and no passing.

2:00 piriformis stretch

Review position for throw and discuss associated movement skills, Strong Tree, Footprint in the Sand. Discuss throw position from chest, mid-torso or hip and how it effects power. Practice rotational throws to the wall adding power.

Partners perform rotational throws to each other (with dodgeball to 6# mini medicine ball) and test distance only to where they can maintain accuracy
Jump around any type of jump, provide objects to hurdle
5 hang power cleans, dodgeball-10# dumbbells
Side shuffle 25 meters and back

Jumpy Checkers – Create two teams and give each a dodgeball or some other similarly super soft ball. Teams start on opposite ends of a play area (like checkers) with 4 squares marked out per child that are ~ 2’x2’ or 3’x3’ for bigger kids (use chalk, hoops, etc). The goal is to pass the ball to teammates to move it to the opposite side, but pass can only be made after player jumps and player can only take one or two jumps before passing the ball. Jumps must be executed using good “Waiting in the Outfield” Movement Skill at initiation and landing and can move in any direction (no diagonals). Kids not carrying the ball must jump-land one square at a time and attempt to block the progress of the opposing ball carrier, while staying ready to receive a pass. All players must get to the other side before the other team. Only one player may occupy a square at a time. Complexity may be added for older or experienced groups by stacking bumper plates within a few of the squares. Jumps would still require points of performance but onto an elevated surface. Coach may call freeze to have all players get “organized” in either a static jump initiation or landing position (no other positions allowed) at any time.