Nov. 2020 Preteen Workout #4 – The Brand X Method

Nov. 2020 Preteen Workout #4


Nov. 2020 Preteen Workout #4

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3x or 5:00
Bear crawl => crab walk => alligator crawl
2 forward rolls => speed ladder => 2 handstand holds/attempts
10 single-leg hops each leg => 2 cartwheels => 1 broad jumps
100-meter run

Single-leg stability – stacking foot, ankle, and knee; stabilizing at the hip

10 seesaws each leg
5 one-legged vertical jumps each leg

EMOM for 12:00 (shoeless)
First minute: 6-10 skaters or progressions
Second minute: 3-5 single-leg bumper jumps each leg, 2”-6”
Third minute: 5 Bulgarian squats each leg, unloaded
*Skater reps and distance and bumper jump reps depend on ability to hit the positions

5 depth jumps, 12”-20” depending on ability to hit the proper jumping and landing positions
10 single-leg kettlebell passes

Couch stretch
Pigeon pose
Calf smash/stretch