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Joe Uses the Wrong Tools. Don’t Be Joe


Joe Uses the Wrong Tools. Don’t Be Joe

Your friend Joe has been working as a roofer for quite a while with a plan to start a business. He sees a lot of opportunity as a finish carpenter. When you ask him if he has the tools a finish carpenter needs, such as a miter and skill saw, framing square, or finishing hammer, he replies that he thinks he can do the job with the tools he has. Joe says a saw is a saw and hammer is a hammer.

When you ask Joe if he has any training as finisher or if he has worked with finishers, he tells you that he has watched them on the job site. He wants to make sure that he has the clients first. Joe tells you he is planning on taking some classes just as soon as he has landed some clients.

Joe asks you what you think of his plan and whether or not you think he will be successful.

Every week we have people call us and essentially present this scenario regarding starting a youth program.

Running a successful youth program requires that the coach is fully prepared for the task. Doing what is best for kids means understanding that training kids is different by both degree and kind from adults, and having the ability and knowledge to train youth while responding to their biopsychosocial needs.

Brand X® does what is best for kids. Let us help you do what is best for kids and run a successful youth program.

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