December 2022 Kids Workout #3 – The Brand X Method

December 2022 Kids Workout #3


December 2022 Kids Workout #3

For 5-8 minutes
10 meter Side Shuffle 5 Wall Crushers

10 meter High Knee Skip
5 standard or diamond Push-ups

Get Ready
1 minute Cossacks hold at rig support or wall as needed, each side 1 minute Happy Baby against the wall


Movement Practice

DL and Hinge review, Review Movement SkillsTM Waiting in the outfield, Strong Tree, and Muscles On.
Have each child hinge over a bench and do 3 slow kb deadlifts (4-8 kg)


5 Goblet Squats 4-8kg kb
10 KB Hinge and DL (with same 4-8 kg KB) 20 Push-ups or 10 Explosive Push-ups

Play “Snowball Fight and Forts”
Using Packaging peanuts or paper towels shaped into a tennis ball size and shape and wrapped in plastic wrap as “snowball”, arrange a few “hideouts” = Mats placed on edge, boxes walls, etc- within a playing area of 10 meters/30 feet x 10 meters/30 feet. Using at least as many snowballs as there are players, upon “Go!”, players throw snowballs to “tag” any other players, once “tagged” players must do three floppies and two snow angels on the sidelines, then return to the game. Advise players only throw within a given distance (about 2 meters/6 feet is a good standard)
*Coaches Notes:
Have at least as many snowballs as there are players, 2-3x is best
Pauses can be called to (polar bear crawl only) collect snowballs when supplies are low Stealing snowballs may be permitted as desired “anyone under 7 can steal 1 snowball from any other player over 7”
Add complexity or handicap talent by using non dominant throwing hand