December 2022 Kids Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

December 2022 Kids Workout #1


December 2022 Kids Workout #1

10 meters Ski Hops (zig zag style, feet together, over and along a line)
10 meters Bounding (leaping or springing with shortest contact time possible between jumps)

5 “rock up get ups” (from the ground in a sitting position and hugging knees to chest, rock along spine to gain momentum and attempt to get up without using arms or hands)

Get Ready
1 minute Couch Stretch at the Wall
1 minute BOS
1 minute Arm swings, forward and back palms up and palms down


Carrying and associated Movement Skills Safe Shoulder and Strong Tree

Demonstrate and Review Chest Carry, Shoulder Carry, Overhead Carry, Farmers Carry and Suitcase Carry and relative hand, elbow and shoulder position for each.


Brand X® Kids Squat Complex #1


30 seconds BOS
10 Blocked Squats
30 seconds BOS
10 Box Squats
30 seconds BOS
10 Partner facing toes near Box Air Squats 30 seconds BOS
10 Goblet Squat with a dodgeball

Play “Box O Rocks”
Wrap three different size empty plus 3, 5 and 8 pounds of rocks, boxes in festive or holiday appropriate paper. Games may be created around lifting boxes, carrying boxes, racing with boxes, racing around obstacles to get to boxes, hiding boxes, jumping over boxes, putting boxes on sleds or prowlers, etc.
Alternate version: North Pole Elves move boxes to predetermined locations while trying not to be hit by snowballs* thrown by South Pole Elves, switch every few minutes.

*paper towels or packing peanuts wrapped in clear plastic food wrap.