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Cole Dick


Cole Dick

“My son Cole started at Brand X 8 years ago. Brand X, specifically Jeff and Mikki Martin, not only provided support in exercise and nutrition but also with his education and his passion for racing. Jeff and Mikki provide an environment for the kids that fosters a lifelong foundation for overall wellness. They have found a way to make exercise fun and challenging for the kids at the same time earning the parents trust that it is being done in the best interest of the child and in the most safe and effective ways. I can say with all honestly that Jeff and Mikki have not only made a lifelong impression on our son but on our family as a whole.” – Kim Dick

Cole started at CrossFit Brand X as a pre-teen and as you can see from the photos, has completed changed his life. Cole is an avid race car driver, an amazing athlete, and an incredible person. Cole also maintains state records he set in weightlifting as a teen.

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