Building Strong Foundations: The Base Build Boost Approach to Teaching Movement to Kids – The Brand X Method

Building Strong Foundations: The Base Build Boost Approach to Teaching Movement to Kids


Building Strong Foundations: The Base Build Boost Approach to Teaching Movement to Kids

Let’s dive into a concept that is essential to how Brand X® teaches movement to kids: 

Base – Build – Boost.  Base, Build and Boost represent three distinct phases kids go through to maximize their success as athletes.

This approach is more than just a methodology; it’s a roadmap to success for young athletes.

Each phase is crucial, laying the groundwork for the next and setting our budding athletes up for success. Understanding and applying this concept will be the game-changer your YouthProgram needs.

So, let’s break it down.

Base: Laying the Foundation

In the Base phase, we’re not just teaching kids how to move; we’re giving them the tools to understand how their bodies are supposed to move. It’s about fostering kinesthetic awareness,proprioception and teaching positions -essentially, teaching them the rules of movement. 

Think of it as laying the foundation for a house; without a strong foundation, the house is unstable.

BuildFraming the House

Once the rules are understood, it’s time to build upon them. The Build phase is where kids start applying those foundational rules of movement to new movements and challenges. We thenbegin to see what they are capable of.  It’s like the framing of a home, it’s not finished but you can surely see its potential.

Boost: Moving In

In Boost we are putting up the sturdy walls of the house, decorating the house, making it a place someone can live joyfully for a lifetime. 

Boost is about Performance. It’s about taking the rules they have learned and the experience they have gained and training with freedom and fearlessness for whatever sport, task or adventure kids want to pursue.   Every kid we coach wants to be in Boost, and sometimes as coaches we get caught up in accelerating them to that phase.  But the truth is, all the hard work to maximize their potential, to set them up for a lifetime of success, is done in Base and Build.  It’s where they learn the rules and gain the experience necessary to be successful applying them.

So, what’s the key takeaway here? Spend more time in Base and Build. Enjoy the process and the knowledge that you are delivering what they need, when they need it and watch as your young athletes thrive. By giving them the tools to move well, we’re not just setting them up for success; we’re building a solid future where they can truly reach their full potential.

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