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Jeff Martin

Mikki Martin

Meet the TBXM Founders

Since late 2004, Jeff and Mikki Martin have been working with and training children in functional fitness and physical literacy. They have coached hundreds of kids and teens, including USA Powerlifting state record holders and national qualifiers, high school all-state and all-city kids, and D1 athletes, some of whom walked on to new sports. They have visited and helped hundreds of schools and gyms to improve their kids programs. They launched The Brand X Method™ in late 2014, evolving their methodology to focus on optimal youth development, play, and physical literacy to ensure longevity in fitness through careful application of appropriate programming.

Want to Learn More?

Request a consult with a Brand X staff member. We’d love to speak with you.

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“For well over a decade now, I have been openly and wantonly borrowing from The Brand X Method. There is no more complete, safe, scientifically sound, and effective youth physical development program on the planet. If you are looking for a cogent, thoughtful, systems based approach to develop and support life long heath and safe movement in young people, Brand X is the Gold Standard.”

– Dr. Kelly Starrett, Physical Therapist. 2x NYT Best Selling Author and Co-Founder of Mobility|Wod

“The International Functional Fitness Federation (IF3) has announced a partnership with the Brand X Method (TBXM) in order to create a clear vision and safe pathway for youth athlete participation and development under the iF3 system.”

The International Functional Fitness Federation (IF3)

“We’re proud to partner with The Brand X Method™ to deliver expert tips and tricks on safe movement, injury prevention and more for the growing athletes in your life. Together, our goal is to ensure your kids and teens will step out of the gym or courts knowing that they can accomplish anything they set out to do — win or lose”


“As a pediatric physician whose practice focuses on “lifestyle as medicine” in the youth and adolescent population, a central component of what we prescribe for our young patients is exercise. Exercise coaching in this population needs to be purposeful and mindful, regardless of the health of the patient in order to prevent, for example, overuse injuries or age-inappropriate stimuli. The Brand X Method is, without doubt, the most comprehensive, thoughtful, and careful coaching platform for today’s youth. They are peerless in their experience and are recognized throughout the world as the gold standard in youth coaching. For that reason, I myself, as well as members of my medical team are Certified TBXM Youth Conditioning and Barbell Coaches. I utilize these coaching principles every day in my practice as both a coach and a doctor.”

– Dr. Jose Greenspon, Pediatric Surgeon | SSM Cardinal Glennon, Saint Louis University, special interest in metabolic disorders, obesity, and bariatric surgery

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