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Join the world leaders in youth fitness. Become a Brand X Training Center.

What Is Included in The Brand X Method™ Training Center Program?

  • Marketing support
  • Coach education
  • One month of youth programming to jumpstart your program
  • Industry networking and digital support
  • Exclusive discounts on TBXM continuing education
  • Competitive protection via regional exclusivity

Application Checklist

Part I –
  1. General information – personal and facility contact information
    Fill out online form
  1. Coach Requirements – All youth coaches are registered for or have completed TBXM™ online or live certification
    Upload confirmation to online application
  1. Background Checks – All coaches working with kids at your facility must be TBXM™ Certified and have submitted background checks
    Link to Background Checks
    Upload background checks to online application
    TBXM will review and clear at discretion
  1. Video of a TBXM™ Basic or Advanced Certified Youth Coach Live Coaching (1-3 min)
    — Introduce yourself or your youth coach
    — Provide video of coach who will be working with kids or teens
    — Include an answer to why you hope to become a TBXM Training Center and why you chose The Brand X Method.
    — Feel free to make longer than a minute and include the perspective of as many individuals as you’d like!
    Submit via text to (201) 400-1225, email [email protected], or upload to online application
  1. Submit Part I

Following submission of Application Part I, a TBXM™ representative will contact you regarding invitation to the final steps of becoming a Brand X Method Training Center!

Part II –
  1. Certificate of Insurance – The Brand X Method™ must be named as additional insured
    Recommended Resource:
    TBXM™ Contact: Vaughn T. Vernon, Affiliate Guard Director [email protected]
    Upload certificate/proof of insurance to online application
  1. Mentor Match Form Completed – To match your youth coach with TBXM™ Staff member who is the best fit for your monthly mentorship calls
    Complete online form
  1. Submit Part II

General Training Center Business Information

Brand X Method Training Centers Requirements
  • Annual fee of $1499, includes all calls for Monthly Mentorship Program with TBXM staff
  • Participation in consults as often as possible, minimum of once per month through Monthly Mentorship Program
  • Certificate of insurance with The Brand X Method, Inc named as additional insured (industry standard $3 million professional liability and general aggregate, $1 million per occurrence, with SAM coverage)
  • Annual, TBXM cleared, background check for all youth coaches
  • TBXM™ Training Center linked logo placed on home page of the gym website and social media
Application process
  • Complete Online Application Part I
  • Submit Brand X Method™ Training Certificate or TBXM™ Certification registration for all youth coaches.
  • Submit background checks for all youth coaches.
  • Submit a 1-3 minute video of a TBXM™ Basic or Advanced Certified Youth Coach coaching live and explaining why you desire to become a TBXM™ Training Center
  • Complete Online Application Part II
  • Submit insurance with TBXM™ as additional insured
  • Complete Mentorship Match form in online application
  • Sign contract
  • Pay Training Center annual fee
  • TBXM™ welcomes you! Your Training Center acceptance is announced, added to Private Facebook Group, and website/credentials linked on our TBXM™ website map
Naming Policy
  • “Your facility name – A Brand X Method™ Training Center”
  • (We reserve the right to reject names that might be deemed inappropriate for families or otherwise do not reflect TBXM™ values)
Ongoing Education

One of the pillars of the Brand X Method™ is continuing education. Weekend courses are a great way to introduce yourself to new knowledge, but we don’t think your learning should end there. In fact, one mark of a genuine Brand X Method™ Training Center is the dedication to the ongoing professional development of its coaches and staff. The more education you and your coaches obtain, the more knowledge and expertise you can contribute to our community and, even more importantly, apply to your coaching.

TBXM™ Monthly Mentorship Program

As part of the commitment to being a Brand X Method™ Training Center, facilities must enroll in the monthly Monthly Mentorship Program.

  • Monthly Mentorship calls are included in annual fee
  • Each Training Center will be paired with a qualified TBXM™ Education Staff Coach
  • For each call
    • TBXM™ will distribute a video for analysis and mutual discussion
    • Training Center may also send in a video to TBXM™ Coach who will review videos (any length up to 5 minutes) and provide feedback
    • TBXM™ Coach can also answer general TBXM™ informational questions or provide specific advice to a client’s situation
  • Training Center understands that finding mutually acceptable times for these sessions and being responsive to staff attempts to schedule is their responsibility. TBXM will attempt contact to schedule up to three times in a month and will change mentors when necessary due to scheduling conflicts
  • Calls take place via phone call, Zoom, Google chat, FaceTime, Skype or email
  • Sessions are limited to 30 minutes; emails are unlimited, within reason
  • All Training Center staff members are welcome to participate during the phone call
  • Training Centers will learn about and apply the latest best practices as soon as they go live
  • Training Centers have access to a private Facebook group. (*Trainer/s must friend Jeff-Mikki Martin [see below for link] on Facebook to be invited to private TBXM TC group)
Added Incentives

In addition to the Monthly Mentorship Program, the following incentives are included:

  • Regional exclusivity – Be the only TBXM™ Training Center in your area
  • Start-up programming – 1-month of TBXM™ premium youth ‘Start-Up’ programming in my first year as a Training Center
  • 10% discount for all TBXM™ products and services
  • 33% discount for consultations in addition to Monthly Mentorship, includes Coaching and Business Consults
  • Public Acknowledgement for training, teaching, and other pertinent professional credentials on TBXM™ website map and TBXM™ social media profiles, so prospective clients may easily attach a level of expertise to your Training Center

Our goal is to ensure that every Brand X Method™ Training Center has the opportunity to continuously expand its knowledge base and practice. We intend to enhance your day-to-day work experience and complement your other continuing educational pursuits by remaining actively engaged in your professional growth. In that way, your Brand X Method™ Training Center will always be delivering the best possible service to your clients.

Territories – Regional Exclusivity

Brand X Method™ Training Centers shall be competitively protected and maintain regional exclusivity for the lifetime of the agreement. Your exclusive area is based on regional population density, usually in the range of a 1-15-mile radius. This region is determined mutually; area is granted at TBXM™ discretion.

TBXM™ Support for the Wider Community

We encourage every Brand X Method™ Training Center to offer one scholarship youth membership for every 15 standard youth memberships. Further, TBXM™ seeks to support and enhance the broader functional fitness and strength-and-conditioning communities. We encourage positive alliances, affiliations and safe, responsibly run competition for kids ages 12 and up. We do not support competition for kids under 12 unless it is low skill, obstacle course-type events.

We believe that more support, learning and information gathering and sharing creates sharper, better-equipped trainers ultimately serving not just The Brand X Method™ and your clients, but the larger community your facility serves.

Schools and Brand X Method™ Campuses

Training discounts, customized bids for onsite training and cost-free association.

We accept purchase orders. Contact [email protected] for school-specific details.


All TBXM staff members are available by email and phone and are very responsive. We endeavor to be as accessible as you need us to be.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 760-788-8091

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