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Join the world leaders in youth fitness. Become a Brand X Training Center.

Training Center Program

We imagine a better future for our kids, which is why we always seek to do what is best for them. The Brand X Training Center Program is one way we fulfill that mission together.

Our Training Centers allow gym owners and Brand X coaches to

  • Teach and develop all kids and teens so they can engage the world with freedom and fearlessness.
  • Design and implement programs that deliver optimal youth development in the form of individualized group coaching within a peer group model.
  • Participate in a community of professional coaching experts devoted to the continuous evolution of best practices in youth training.
  • Build a successful career in youth training.
  • Professionalize their passion for youth training.

The Brand X Method Training Center Program provides

  • Ongoing education in the form of monthly webinars, bimonthly communication with Director of Training Center Programs Connor Martin, and a straightforward but potent maintenance of certification program.
  • Business support in the form of marketing and sales guidance so gym owners can sustain a successful youth development program.
  • A platform for coaches to apply and expand their Brand X coaching knowledge and experience.
  • A safe and positive environment for kids and teens to grow into formidable humans who lead fulfilling lives of discovery and excellence.


Program Benefits

Official Partnership with Brand X

Brand X Brand License

  • Name options (in order of preference)
    • Brand X – “regional area” – e.g., Brand X – North Boston
    • Brand X – “gym name” – e.g., Brand X – Super Gym Fitness
    • “Gym Name” – A Brand X Training Center – e.g., H-City Fitness – A Brand X Training Center

Marketing Support

  • Logo – digital files for newsletters, media, apparel, and gym display
  • Brand X Classes – able and encouraged to run Brand X Classes

Continuing Education

  • Group webinars designed to inspire and enrich
    • (2) 30-60-minute virtual network meetings per month. Content areas include
      • Education
        • Topical / technical / educational discussion
      • Business
        • Workshops to maximize Brand X within your organization
      • Q&A
        • Submit your questions to Connor Martin, Director of Training Center Programs ([email protected]) 1-week in advance
  • One-on-one support and guidance
    • Receive a bimonthly call from our Director of Training Center Programs to work together through any personalized support needs.

Regional Exclusivity

  • Never worry about competing with your own brand.
  • Maintain regional exclusivity for the lifetime of the agreement.
  • Exclusive area is based on regional population density and is determined mutually; area is granted at Brand X discretion.

Industry Network & General Support

  • Training Center and Campus Facebook Group
    • Membership in group devoted to sharing training methods and holding discussions relevant best-practices in youth fitness
  • Official Brand X Website Recognition
    • Identification and linking on Brand X website map with your coaches and their credentials listed
  • Public acknowledgement for training, teaching, and other pertinent professional credentials on social media

Products & Services

  • Start-up programming to get your program off and running
  • 10% discount on all Brand X products and services
  • 33% discount on consultations




  • $139 / month

Certified Brand X Coach on Staff


  • Certificate of insurance with The Brand X Method named as additional insured (industry standard $3 million professional liability and general aggregate, $1 million per occurrence, with SAM coverage)
    • Must be updated and submitted annually
  • Brand X Training Center linkable logo placed on home page
  • Participation in webinar and Maintenance of Certification

Online Application Process

  • Complete your online application
  • Submit a 250-500-word essay answering the following question:
    • Why do you want to become a Brand X Training Center?
  • Obtain insurance and background checks for Brand X coach(es)
  • Provide signed contract
  • Receive and post Brand X logo to home page of facility website and relevant social media pages

All TBXM staff members are available by email and phone and are very responsive. We endeavor to be as accessible as you need us to be.

Email: [email protected]

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