Wednesday, October 4, 2017 – The Brand X Method

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Monthly focus for October 2017
Foundational Movements: Hang power clean, jumping and landing
Physical Literacy: Rolling
Plane of Movement: Sagittal plane
Accessory Movement: Rope climbs, handstand, and handstand push-up progressions

A Month of Pumpkins!
One child gets to keep a pumpkin in each class. Pumpkin may be given for effort, leadership, perseverance, focus, movement, speed, listening, courtesy or kindness. Make sure that by the end of the month each child has been recognized and given a pumpkin.

A Brand X Method™ Kids Workout

Agility zigzag ball drill using tiny pumpkins rather than cones

Deadlift – review angry gorilla
Hang power clean – review movement before working on first pull from floor using angry gorilla

1:00 each side – roped hamstring stretch
1:00 each side – piriformis stretch

AMGMAP in 8:00-10:00
Line pumpkins up at start position, one for each child
10-meter bear crawl
3 burpees
Broad jump back
Add a dot or line to your pumpkin
* everyone takes home a pumpkin today

Hillbilly Skee-Ball – You will need a cardboard box containing an partition with at least 6 cavities  (“the Skee-Ball box”) and 4 small soft Gator Skin balls or tennis balls. Set a cone 12” away from each edge of the Skee-Ball box. Kids are asked to line up behind the cones and to perform 1-3 hang power cleans with a medium-size pumpkin or small 4#-6# medicine ball as a buy in for one throw to the box (throw can be bounced).

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