Unbullyable™ – Stop It! A Jeff Martin Interlude – The Brand X Method

Unbullyable™ – Stop It! A Jeff Martin Interlude


Unbullyable™ – Stop It! A Jeff Martin Interlude

“Stop it.”

This has become my singular favorite cue in the past few years. Knees caving in? Stop it. Pulling early in the clean? Stop it. Posting videos of yourself or, worse, people you train getting lifting PBs with horrible, unsafe technique? Stop it. Stop It! STOP IT!

If you’re about to post a video of your latest front squat PB and your knees swing 3 inches medial to your toes, your hips tuck under, and your thoracic spine looks like a U-turn sign but you’re making up for it by throwing your chin skyward. Stop it.

Small deviations in optimal technique should be seen in a maximal lift. Take a look at your video. Do you really think those are small deviations? They aren’t. They’re unsafe. And you can’t make it better by captioning the disaster with, “Not the best form. LOL But at least it’s a PR.” Stop it.

Top-level powerlifters don’t post pics of themselves butchering a lift and then comment, “Terrible technique but at least I squatted 900 pounds”. No. They stopped it. Long before that video. They worked within a framework where small deviations from optimal were signals to stop pushing the weight up that day.

Then there’s the coach who posts the video of their clients. You know the one. ”So proud of Whoseamawhatsit. All her hard work has paid of with this PR. Technique was a little off.”

Coaches, your clients pay you to keep them progressing and safe. When you post videos of people moving unsafely you are proclaiming to the world that you (a) don’t see the unsafe technique and/or (b) don’t care about the unsafe technique and feel your business model allows for a large part of your cliental becoming injured and unable to continue “training.”

Stop it.

Unsafe technique is by definition unsafe. You’re playing Russian Roulette with your clients’ well-being. STOP IT!

If you are in category (a), find a mentor or spend some quality time on the Internet watching videos of people squatting rather than cute cats or dog shaming. List the things that need to be corrected, define why and in what order you would correct the problems you see. If you are in category (b), just stop it. Maybe stop being a trainer altogether! There is no business model where your long-term success is built on the broken backs of injured clients. Stop it!

If two people have equal strength, the one that moves better will generally lift more. It always comes down to moving better. Move better, take a video. Do that. My second favorite cue.


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  2. Mike

    As one who is fortunate enough to train at Brand X, I’m thankful to hear the words “stop it”. To have eyes on your lifts,being trained in proper mechanics,our trainers keep us from doing stupid things resulting in injuries. To that, I am grateful!

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