Tuesday, January 15, 2019 – The Brand X Method

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Brand X Method Kids Workout


Spinning Dodgeball Cone Switch – Coach sets up two lines of tall cones 5 meters apart, each twice the number as there are kids in class. On each cone of one row is a lacrosse or dodgeball. Kids are asked to start at an empty cone and spin 360 degrees, run to the opposite cone, retrieve ball, and place on start cone. Play repeats with increasing spinning each round or same amount of spinning with increased distance each round.

Coach demo and review Movement Skill landing position – feet flat, toes pointed straight ahead, knees over ankles, spine neutral. Have kids jump to and land on a chalk line. Have kids jump to and land on a 25# bumper plate.

Get Ready:
1:00 each side calf stretch against the wall
1:00 each side Achilles stretch

1:00 grasshoppers
1:00 hollow holds and progressions
1:00 box squats
1:00 broad jumps
1:00 take turns climbing over gymnastic mat wall any way (two coaches hold or prop a mat upright for kids to climb, make sure landing surface is padded)

King of the Ring – Create a circle with rope or chalk 2-3 meters in diameter. Line up kids by size. Kids are paired by size and attempt to each other from the circle. Kids start facing each other and grasp outside of each other’s shoulder with one arm. Other hand is used to grab behind the elbow at lower triceps. This is where hands must stay. There are no head butts, throws, or leg takedowns allowed. The King of the Ring is the one that can stay inside the circle the longest.