Tuesday, April 16, 2019 – The Brand X Method

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Brand X Method™ Kids Workout

Movement Prep
3 blocked squats
10-meter inchworm
3 air squats
10-meter high-knee skip

Get Ready:
1:00 wrist stretches on the floor
1:00 alternating cat-cow stretch

Movement Practice
Review “Muscles On” and “Strong Tree” – Practice looking like a strong tree with ribs down, tight tummy, muscles on. Practice the shoulder press by pressing an AbMat.

Create a large circle (at least 5 meters in diameter) with cones or chalk. Put one AbMat for each child in the center of the circle.
On go, kids side shuffle around the circle facing the center. Coach calls out either “press” or “push.”
When press is called, kids stop take an AbMat from the center and perform five slow presses with the AbMat.
When “push” is called kids stop and take an AbMat from the center and do 5 good push-ups on the AbMat.

Pillow Smash – Create two lines 2 meters apart with two soft pillows (with no zippers) and one tall cone 3 meters away. Kids race in pairs to the pillows and try to be the first to knock over the cone. At coach’s discretion kids may be allowed to keep their opponent away from the cone by “pillow smashing” them.