November 2019 Teen Workout #1 – Excel – The Brand X Method

November 2019 Teen Workout #1 – Excel


November 2019 Teen Workout #1 – Excel

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3x or 5:00
With a partner
2 handstand kick-ups and hold
3 x 10-meter bear crawl U pattern
10 jumping jacks
10 one-legged side-to-side hops, each leg across line
50-meter high-knee skip => 50-meter back pedal

5:00 mobility
10 inchworms
3 broad jumps

Box jump – knee position and soft landing

3 goblet squats
5 box jumps w/step down
30 high-knee skips
Goblet squats done tempo style – 5 seconds down, 3-second hold at bottom, 5 seconds up. Each rep should take about 15 seconds. If your kids move off the squat faster than 45 seconds they are probably going too fast. Box jumps should land in perfect position and softly. High-knee skips should be focused; drive knee up hard trying to get height and distance.

5 dips
10 Hindu push-ups
10 push-ups

3x w/o shoes
10 modified skaters
10 kettlebell passes
30-50 shoeless pogos

Accumulate 5:00 in the bottom of the squat
Child’s pose
Athlete’s choice