Thursday, March 12, 2014 – The Brand X Method

Thursday, March 12, 2014


Thursday, March 12, 2014

A Brand X Method Kids Workout
From the Founders of CrossFit Kids

Making Ant Food – Requires one bag of goldfish crackers. Using an outdoor area measuring 50 x 50 meters, place goldfish at each corner in small groups of about 12. Each goldfish should be spaced out enough for little feet to stomp without hitting more than one. On “Go!” kids stomp a single goldfish in one area and move quickly to the next. Kids should keep count of every goldfish stomped. Do not expect accurate counting. Once all goldfish are stomped, kids write their numbers on the board. With a trainer leading, add the numbers and multiply the total by 10 to arrive at an approximate number of ants fed. Some of the kids will understand the addition, and the older kids will help with multiplication.

Reflex Drill ( for speed and accuracy) – Partner A holds hands out palms up and arms bent. Partner B places hands palms down on top of Partner A’s palms. Partner A attempts to slap Partner B’s hands; Partner B must move hands away without being slapped.

Get Ready
Arm circles, forward and backward
Couch stretch

6:00 AMRAP
10-meter overhead walking lunge with 10# bumper
12 burpees

World War Z
The zombies must try to tag the humans, but when doing so they have to walk like a zombie. At all times they have to drag one of their legs and place their same-side hand on their thigh. Their hand must remain in contact with their dragging leg and cannot move while shambling or tagging.
The zombies cannot climb over, under or through any of the objects in the play area.
The humans are free to run around or climb under, over or through any objects.
The humans can also hide in a safe place where zombies cannot get them, such as a crash-mat tunnel.
If a human is tagged, play stops and all players—both zombies and humans—must hold a plank position or complete another predetermined exercise, such as 5 push-ups or 10 squats.
Play resumes as soon as the exercise is complete.
When play resumes, the humans become the zombies, and the zombies become the humans.20150309-DSC_0040-2

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