The CrossFit Open and CrossFit Brand X Team – The Brand X Method

The CrossFit Open and CrossFit Brand X Team


The CrossFit Open and CrossFit Brand X Team



Now that the Open is over I want to let you all know how proud I am of the CrossFit Brand X team. Considerable obstacles stood in your way and yet you managed to rise to 46th in one of the toughest regions in the world.

You weathered a significant betrayal by someone you trusted as a friend. A couple of you squared off against 14.3 after stepping off a 20-plus-hour flight to the other side of the world. Food poisoning wreaked havoc among some of you before the last workout. One of you gutted out (literally) a serious injury to complete all five workouts. Necessity forced many team members to step into roles you weren’t quite ready for and you performed wonderfully without the benefit of consistent coaching given our packed travel schedule.

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It was a year of adversity and you came in 46th in Southern California. That is an incredible accomplishment. You should all be extremely proud of that. I am proud of you and excited for the coming year.

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