September 2022 Kids Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

September 2022 Kids Workout #1


September 2022 Kids Workout #1

Prepare 3x

1 minute jump around any way 25 jumping jacks

Get Ready
1 minute Childs Pose 1 minute Downward Dog


Movement Practice
Review Movement Skills™ Strong Tree and Waiting in the outfield, then practice Hinge and hinge to box squat, adjust box heights to back of knee crease for each individual Review KB DL using Hinge over Box. Remind kids that position should not change when they have to go lower to lift tire or hoop.


Work- Play
For two minutes:
*Spartans* using hula hoops or light car (not truck) tires
Deadlift and flip tire or hoop once then jump through to the center and to the other side (using one jump over each edge, turn and repeat

For two minutes:
Burpees done with a PVC pipe laid vertically next to the athlete, jump is then lateral over the PVC pipe (substitute 6’ chalk line for PVC)

Total Time = 8-12 minutes


Team Races- Running Jacks

Place start/ finish cones 4-5 meters apart in both lanes, with a jump rope at both finish cones. Upon go have kids get from Start to Finish by using “running jacks”= jumping jacks while running/side shuffling. Make sure each child knows they have to complete at least 3 jumping jacks within the run to count, they return to start if incomplete. Once at the finish cone they use the rope to jump rope for a count of five successful jumps then run back to start to tag next player.