September 2021 Kids workout #1 – The Brand X Method

September 2021 Kids workout #1


September 2021 Kids workout #1

Run 50 meters/150 feet
Single Leg Hops, any style, 1 minute each leg
Get Ready
1 minute Superman Stretch each side
10 Inchworms
1 minute Downward Dog

Movement Practice
Hinge over a bench or box
As a group circle up and go through the three WIO Movement Skill™ positions together,
then have students rotate through Hinge over a Box or bench using those positions.

Finally, go through the same process to Deadlift an with an implement, dodgeball,
dumbbell on end, or light kettlebell. Demonstrate and ask students to note proper foot
position relative to implement (centered at ankles to mid-foot)

Work- Play
For 10-12 minutes:
3 Slow Deadlifts with dodgeball, or light (3-10#) upright dumbbell or kettlebell
50m/150 ft High Knee Skipping
10 Tuck Jumps

Play Rideshare “UberLyft”
The goal is for players to partner up to race to complete 15 “rides”
Teams of two alternate work as they choose
Teams line up shoulder to shoulder across on one line, upon go designated partner
throws 4-6# med ball (any way) to get it to or past the line 10 m away.
Accuracy will save work!
As soon as the ball lands teams race to complete the first ride to the spot their ball
landed. Each direction is considered one ride. Return trip is from that spot to where ball
lands after next throw back to the other line. If a trip requires two throws players must
ride both legs of the trip.(no walking to the ball)

Using buddy carry (on back) (Lyft version)
Using wheelbarrow walks (Uber version)
Using Prowler Push for Pre Teen/Teen groups

Mark off two parallel lines with cones or chalk to define lanes
Consider adding backstops for med ball throws to avoid too much retrieval time