Sept. 2020 Kids Workout #4 – The Brand X Method

Sept. 2020 Kids Workout #4


Sept. 2020 Kids Workout #4


Play tic tac toe, with OH carry (bumper/abmat/sandbag or textbook) to place object

With 1-2 start cones and a 10-meter wide x 15-25-meter long outside play area, stage 6 markers- abmats, light bumpers or sandbags or textbooks,  be sure to provide two “sets” of 3 that can be distinguished from the other “set”. Create 2-lane start point at one end of play area. Place 3 markers at start of each lane. At the other end, use chalk to create basic 5-meter x 5-meter tic tac toe grid. 

Divide class into two teams. On “go,” first kid on each team grabs an implement (marker) and sprints to the tic tac toe grid, places the marker in an open square, and sprints back to tag the next player’s hand. That player picks up a marker and repeats the process. If all markers have been placed without a winner (three in a row), then players continue to sprint to the grid and move their team’s markers until three are lined up in a row. Note: players must wait until teammate returns and sits in line before beginning sprint. The marker must be placed inside a square and cannot sit on lines or otherwise occupy more than one square.

Get Ready

Downward dog 1 m

10 Cossacks each side (supported as needed at pole or against the wall) 


Movement Practice

DSDS for Hang Power Clean

Quick Review -footprint in the sand, muscles on, and strong tree Movement Skills.

Shoulder to shoulder in one line practice knee travel outward and touching neighbors knee. For first sequence Dip-Squeeze add dodgeball to hold as practice load, squeeze shoulders back, dip-squeeze.

Then follow with Drop (to front squat) and Stand sequences.

Practice connecting the two sequences only after clear differentiation is achieved and Strong Tree and foot and knee positions are consistent.


Work- Play


2 minutes

3 burpees

3 front squats, unloaded (grab ears drop thumbs for placement at shoulder)

3 dip squeeze with dodgeball- 4-6# med ball


Play “Safe while moving”

Using three DSDS sequence at each cone

This game will reinforce the basic concept that movement is safer than lack of movement. In the original version we used jump boxes; however, many other movements or exercises can be used, such as blocked squats, DSDS, hurdle hops, push-ups, frog stands, etc. Within an area of at least 10 meters x 10 meters, play a traditional game of tag with trainer/teacher selecting the first player to be “It.” All other players run from “It” to avoid being tagged and will attempt to complete up to 3 reps of the designated movement at any cone. Players must leave the cone after 1-3 reps. Players may not be tagged while completing the ROM for the exercise. Place the cones at least 4 feet apart from each other. Discuss with the players that movement pace must be normal and stalling or stopping does not make them immune from tagging.