October 2021 Kids Workout #4 – The Brand X Method

October 2021 Kids Workout #4


October 2021 Kids Workout #4

For 5 Minutes:
Multi directional jumping
Demonstrate both prior to having kids start.
Jump with both legs simultaneously forward, right, left and back
Jump on one foot forward, right, left and back
Get Ready
1 minute Couch Stretch at the wall each leg 1 minute Roll each foot on tennis ball

Movement Practice
Jumping and Landing Position for Broad Jumps
Use the hinge to initiate
Take off with both feet together, pointed straight ahead
Broad jump landing position (looks like WIO) land with both feet simultaneously.
Coaches should work with kids in recognizing how initiation and landing looks and feels.
Discuss Knee over ankle in landing position.

Work- Play
2 minutes:
5 HPC with dodgeball or pumpkin
5 Squats
10 Jumping Jacks
2 minutes:
For every 10 mountain climbers
Add one initial to a a centrally placed pumpkin
Total Time = 12 minutes

Play Battleboards
5 x 10 m
2”x6” x 6’-8’ board
20” dowel
2 end caps notched to hold board upright
Although you can buy battle board kits, this is a home made set pretty simple to
Players both grab and center the dowel over the central 2×4 board, grip style should be
similar. Feet are flat and braced on the board. Upon go kids try to pull their opponent to
either a standing position or over the center board or pry the dowel from their
opponents’ hands.

Trainer Notes

We recommend a slow controlled match for each pair of kids first, to give them an idea
of how much force to apply, and to consider a bracing strategy as well as balance.
Make sure you pair similar size children and monitor so that no one comes flying over
the center board, due to severely disparate strength or size