October 2021 Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

October 2021 Kids Workout #2


October 2021 Kids Workout #2

Play Simon Says
using unloaded movements- Dip Squeeze and Drop Stand

Get Ready
1 minute Arm Circles forward and back both arms
1 minute Childs Pose
1 minute Wounded Eagle

Movement Practice
The Drop is a Front Squat. Review checkpoints for the Rack position and Front Squat.
Practice moving from standing and dropping to a good Front squat, 10 x simultaneously
as a group. Have everyone pause in the bottom until coach says stand, coach should
walk around and quietly give personal cues during this time. Pause for a 1 minute Plank
Hold and then Repeat starting with 10 Front Squats.

Work- Play
For 8-12 minutes:
5 Blocked Squats
5 Squats
5 Front Squats unloaded- 8# dumbbells
5 Powerball

Play Strongman Pedestal Game with Pumpkins or Dodgeballs
Using Foam Rollers or Jump Boxes create three “pedestals” of varying heights where
pumpkin or dodgeball may be placed on top (without rolling off)
Using two aisles with a 10 meter length, Players race to pick up the pumpkin or
dodgeball at midpoint (5 meters) using a Hang Power Clean then -walking only -carry it
to the pedestal and place it on top, (depending on relative pedestal height they may
need a second HPC)
How they get back to start position is called by coach- i.e. bunny hop back, bear crawl
back, side shuffle etc