Oct. 2020 Teen Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

Oct. 2020 Teen Workout #2


Oct. 2020 Teen Workout #2

3x or 5:00
10 PVC pass-throughs => 10 jumping jacks => 10 squats => 10 Cossacks => basic dot drill x 10 => 3 broad jumps => 2 forward rolls

Jumping jacks (continue to encourage your kids to move like the girl on the left) https://youtu.be/DqDNKRZq9H8

Broad jump https://youtu.be/k4OQOLZ77FA

5:00 mobility

5 DB tempo press and hold (press 5 seconds – hold 3 seconds, use very light weight) 20 lunges

Skill 5:00 Overhead position

5 push press
10 burpees
200 m shuttle run
*Have the kids pause before beginning the push presses. Have them close their eyes, breath and visualize 5 good reps. Then begin each round.

Max pull-ups *
Rest 1:00
Max dips **
Rest 2:00
* If unable to do pull ups do 3-5 negatives. Also, a slight swing to develop some momentum to pull is allowable for those not quite able to get a dead hang pull up.

Note, this is not kipping!
** Bench dips, negatives or a combination are a good progression here. Something like 3 negatives followed by 10 bench dips.

Tug of War -or- King of the Ring

Mobility Cobra
Couch stretch Pigeon