Oct. 2020 Kids Workout #5 – The Brand X Method

Oct. 2020 Kids Workout #5


Oct. 2020 Kids Workout #5


In pairs, with one player leading and the other mirroring, move around the area using, Side shuffle, bear crawl or skipping. Cue leading to stay slow enough for teammate to mirror and follow. Switch players for mirror and lead. Add movements as capacity dictates.

Get Ready

1 minute arms overhead fingers locked-standing tall stretch

1 minute downward dog


Movement Practice

Demonstrate and practice lateral plank walk while maintaining solid plank and without crossing hands or feet


Work- Play

2-3 X

1 minute Skipping rocks  (based on the game see below)

1 minute Lateral plank walk back and forth over 10 meters

1 minute Box squats

1 minute Wall Crushers

Skipping Rocks Standard Version

Set up three flat cones, 1 meter apart and varying distance from a wall (2m, 3m, 4m) with tennis or lacrosse balls staged on top. Place an overturned box or bucket on its side centrally along the wall to be used as a target. Students line up to take turns throwing and skipping each “rock” to the bucket, they must do this from a solid plank position and move to each consecutive throw position by side shuffling in the plank- moving laterally.

Coaches may need to help with orientation to the wall prior to first throw- player should be parallel relative to the wall.


 Play “Catch the Lizard”

Set Up: 

Create two large circles with chalk or flat cones as follows

Outer Circle diameter =2.5 x length of soft pool noodle 

10 feet across for 4 ft noodles, 15 feet across for 6 ft noodles

Inner Circle/Lizard Land diameter= .5 length of pool noodle

Lizard hill= Mats or boxes stacked, sturdy enough to be climbed and centrally placed in lizard land


Lizard Catchers: Touch the Lizard with pool noodle