Oct. 2020 Kids Workout #4 – The Brand X Method

Oct. 2020 Kids Workout #4


Oct. 2020 Kids Workout #4


Substitute pumpkins as one set of markers 

Tic Tac Toe- Standard version

Utilizing light implements – 1-2 start cones and a 10-meter wide x 15-25-meter long outside play area, stage 6 beanbags, socks, AbMats or sandbags (ideal because they don’t tend to roll), but be sure to provide two sets of 3 that can be distinguished from each other. Create a 2-lane start point at one end of the play area. Place 3 light implements at the start of each lane. At the other end, use chalk to create a basic 5-meter x 5-meter tic tac toe grid. Divide class into two teams. On “go,” the first kid on each team grabs an implement (marker) and sprints to the tic tac toe grid, places the marker in an open square, and sprints back to tag the next player’s hand. That player picks up a marker and repeats the process. If all markers have been placed without a winner (three in a row), then players continue to sprint to the grid and move their team’s markers until three are lined up in a row. Note: players must wait until their hand is tagged before beginning the sprint. The marker must be placed inside a square and cannot sit on lines or otherwise occupy more than one square.

Get Ready

1 minute roped hamstring

1 minute Olympic Stretch at the wall


Movement Practice

Review HPC and Dip Squeeze Drop Stand sequence.

Have students practice in a conga line format with three different implements

( i.e. Backpack, 103 Bumper plate, 6# Dynamini med ball)


Work- Play


3 HPC (DSDS) with dodgeball, pumpkin or 3-8# dumb bells

10 blocked squats

10 broad jumps

1 m draw Halloween picture (in chalk or on paper)


Create a 10 meter alley and mark with cones and/or chalk on the ends and sides

Two Abmats leaning together substitute for Pins and small medicine balls or stemless pumpkins may be used as bowling balls. Players score zero or gutter ball for a miss, and strike if they knock over the “pins”. Alternate versions include players bowling from two or more directions( in a circle) towards the same pins. Players may then retrieve balls that come closest to them and bowl again.