November 2021 Kids Workout #3 – The Brand X Method

November 2021 Kids Workout #3


November 2021 Kids Workout #3

5 minutes
Plank Games using pulling
Pair kids up according to relative size and strength, then from plank position using cross
hand, then mirror hand, then grip at forearm, two finger grip, etc. upon go pairs try to
make the other player lose their balance.
Get Ready
1 minute Seal Stretch
1 minute Arm Circles Forward and back, palms up
1 minute BOS

Movement Practice
Plank to reverse Plank flips. Focus on getting hips up and Plank flat in both positions Demonstrate and then have kids explain which movement skills are primary.

Work- Play
AMCAP 8-12 minutes
5 Push Ups
10 Shoulder Taps
10 Powerball Throws to a 6-8 foot target
10 Walking Lunges

Play Knock Stuff Over
Depending on class size, line up 2-4 pairs of cones 15’ apart. Place each pair 3’-4’ apart
to create safe lanes. Label start cone as #1 and exercise cone as #2 (cones can be
identified during whiteboard description). Place 2 Dynamini medicine balls at each Cone #1. Stack the “stuff” approximately 12’ beyond the second cones. This stack is referred to as “Stuff Mountain” and can be identified as such on the whiteboard. Divide kids into
2-4 groups as class size dictates (we recommend no more than 5 players per group)
and line them up behind Cone #1. On “Go,” the first player in each line carries medicine
balls to Cone #2 one at a time. After both medicine balls are at Cone #2, the camper
does 3 burpees and 2 squats, then picks up a medicine ball, performs a spin and throws
the ball at Stuff Mountain attempting to knock stuff over. If Stuff Mountain is partially or
totally knocked over, play stops and all active players do a victory lap around the field of
play to give trainers time to restack the mountain and return medicine balls to Cone #1.
Play progresses through the line.
Players are advised not to pick up medicine balls while trainer/teacher is stacking.
“Stuff “may be comprised of empty boxes, small gymnastic or martial arts pads, abmats,
foam rollers or other soft light stackable objects