November 2021 Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

November 2021 Kids Workout #2


November 2021 Kids Workout #2

Create a 100 meter track and have students Farmers Carry 3-8# pairs of dumbbells
once around the track and then do 5 Push Ups holding dumbbells on the floor, Repeat
3-5 times.
Get Ready
1 minute Childs Pose
1 minute Downward Dog
1 minute Cross body arm stretch, each arm
Movement Practice
Try a few 2 Push Up Burpees. Remind kids to focus on a good plank position with
Strong Tree before trying to go fast.

Work- Play
For 2 minutes:
5 x 2 Push Up Burpees (a burpee that begins with 2 Push Ups)
10 Broad Jumps
For 1 minute:
Back facing Rotational 4-6# Med Ball throws to a wall (alternate throwing sides)
Total Time = 9-12 minutes

Play Strongman Pedestal Game with Med Balls or Dodgeballs
Using Foam Rollers or Jump Boxes create three “pedestals” of varying heights where
med ball or dodgeball may be placed on top (without rolling off)
Using two aisles with a 10 meter length, Players race to pick up the med ball or
dodgeball at midpoint (5 meters) using a Hang Power Clean then -walking only -carry it
to the pedestal and place it on top, (depending on relative pedestal height they may
need a second HPC)
how they get back to start position is called by coach- i.e. bunny hop back, bear crawl
back, side shuffle etc