November 2021 Kids Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

November 2021 Kids Workout #1


November 2021 Kids Workout #1

For 5 minutes:
Plank Games – Start facing a partner in plank position and upon go Spin 360 and race
to return to start. Next try 360 but reversing direction. Now try Plank Hops for Max reps.
Set up all players facing each other in two rows, upon go each player move right one
step and high fives opposing player, who is moving in the opposite direction. With
smaller numbers of players, use a single line of “plankers” who are shoulder to
shoulder, with one player moving in the opposite direction facing the line.

Get Ready
1 minute Wounded Eagle
1 minute Threaded Shoulder on the floor, each arm

Movement Practice
Review Movement Skills Strong Tree and Safe Shoulder for positions in the
Push up to Plank Hold. Cue kids to keep their fingers pointed straight ahead (to avoid
internal rotation) Have class perform 10 push up to Plank and Hold top position for 15
seconds each.

Work- Play
For 10-12 minutes:
20 alternating Planked Shoulder Taps
20 Box Squats
10 Box Push Ups
10 Box Hurdles

Play Catch the Bomb /Avoid the Bomb
Within a 10-meter x 10-meter space, using 1 hula hoop or large bucket and 1 Gator
Skin ball per child. Each player takes a turn being the catcher and uses the hula hoop
(carried horizontally) or bucket to “catch the bombs.” “Bombs” are Gator Skin balls
thrown by all other players in the field toward the catcher. Bomb throwers should be
scattered around the playing field to keep the catcher constantly moving. Players rotate
being catcher every 45 seconds to 1 minute on trainer/teacher cue. Alternative version
is have the hoop holder avoiding the bombs