November 2019 Teen Workout #3 – Excel – The Brand X Method

November 2019 Teen Workout #3 – Excel


November 2019 Teen Workout #3 – Excel

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Run 100 meters forward =>run 100 meters backward
10 blocked side-to-side hops => 10 blocked front-to-back hops
5 dodgeball throws w/dominate hand => 5 dodgeball throws w/weak hand
5 pull-ups or 3 negatives

10 curb taps
10 ring rows

Double dumbbell row

EMOM for 12:00
Even – 1:00 barefoot single-unders
Odd – 5 double dumbbell rows w/3-second hold at top (look for scap retraction)

5 air squats into perfect box jump
1:00 rest between
(Execution is more important than speed)

Tabata 10-meter side shuffle => floppy

10 pendulums
10 dumbbell good mornings
10 Supermen or back extensions

After each round answer a brain teaser:
(1) What country would you send a man to for his appetite?
(2) There is a certain family with both girl and boy children. Each of the boys has the same number of brothers as he has sisters. Each of the girls has twice as many brothers as she has sisters. How many boys and girls are there in this family?
(3) How many three-cent stamps are in a dozen?

A1. Hungary
A2. Four boys, three girls
A3. 12

Couch stretch
Chest stretch