November 2019 Kids Workout #2 – Explore/Express – The Brand X Method

November 2019 Kids Workout #2 – Explore/Express


November 2019 Kids Workout #2 – Explore/Express

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Medicine Ball Throw and Floppy –
Space Requirements –
5 meters x 10 meters

Supplies and Equipment –
1 soft-style medicine ball, 4#-6#

Play –
This is a cooperative challenge game. The goal is to have the longest rally. Players face each other and stand at least 2 meters apart. The challenge starts with one player squatting and throwing the medicine ball to his or her partner. As soon as the ball is released, the thrower does a floppy. Play continues until either child misses the catch or has to move their feet to make the catch.

Trainer Notes –
Consider this a thruster ball throw, more vertical with a high arc throw to give more time to the player doing the floppy to complete the movement and make the catch. Timing is critical. Players cannot hold the ball and must begin to squat as soon as they catch and control the ball. Complexity can be added by attempting to complete rounds to the beat of a particular song.

1:00 Olympic stretch at the wall
1:00 happy baby facing the wall

Review Waiting in the Outfield, Strong Tree and Safe Shoulder position Movement Skills and how they apply to roped pull.
Demo and practice roped plate pulls while maintaining good position.

Partner-facing goblet squats – Partners on opposite sides of a box, toes no farther than 6” from box; adjust speed and load for each according to ability to maintain position at box without falling back.
15 partner-facing box goblet squats (air goblet position to 10# dumbbell)
1 roped 25# plate pull from WIO position 10 meters
1 max hollow hold (or progression)

Play Plank Ball – Have kids create a circle and place large physioball in the center. Kids are to remain in the plank position and use only their heads to bump the ball around the circle, while music is playing. Teacher will intermittently stop the music, whereupon the last person to have touched the ball goes to the middle and does 1 burpee. Play resumes after.