November 2019 Kids Workout #1 – Explore/Express – The Brand X Method

November 2019 Kids Workout #1 – Explore/Express


November 2019 Kids Workout #1 – Explore/Express

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Play “Chalk line” w/a buy-in of 3 jumping jacks

1:00 each side triceps against the wall; cue kids to keep Strong Tree with hips close to the wall
1:00 each side couch stretch at the wall; cue kids to keep Strong Tree

Develop the front squat with a review of Movement Skill Waiting in the Outfield; practice a hinge and box squat.
Teach front rack position by having kids grab their earlobes and drop thumbs to shoulders.
Practice 3-5 front squats to box with no load

2:00 PVC front squats to a box
2:00 pull-ups or progressions
Side shuffle 50 meters

Battle Boards or MAS wrestling –
Space requirements –
5 meters x 10 meters

Supplies and Equipment –
2” x 6” x 6’-8’ board
20” dowel
2 end caps notched to hold board upright

* Although you can buy Battle Board kits, a homemade version is easy to construct.

Play –
Players hold the dowel over the center 2 x 4 board; grip styles should be similar. Feet are flat and braced on the board. On go, kids try to pull their opponents to a standing position or over the center board or pry the dowel from their hands.

Trainer Notes –
We recommend a slow, controlled match initially for each pair of kids to give them an idea of how much force to apply and to allow them to consider a bracing strategy as well as balance. Be sure to pair similarly sized kids and monitor so that no one flies over the center board.