Nov. 2020 Kids Workout #4 – The Brand X Method

Nov. 2020 Kids Workout #4


Nov. 2020 Kids Workout #4

For 5-8 minutes
Plank 30 seconds
From plank sprint 10 meters T plank 30 seconds From plank bear Crawl 10 meters

Get Ready
BOS Dance Party Add link


Movement Practice
Knee over ankle in Landing position
Using a straight chalk line or natural line between concrete, practice precision jumps to the line. The goal is to jump and land on the line with both feet simultaneously as well as with knee directly over ankle, good spinal position and stable, flat feet pointed straight ahead. Focus on and cue Landing position today but watch for any extreme valgus knee during initiation stage of the jump, to be addressed in the future.


Work- Play
1 minute Burpee lateral jump over a line and back 1 minute Wall crusher
1 minute Broad Jumps
1 minute Step back lunges

Max vertical tire or plate stack jumps
Create a plate jump challenge, begin with 2 or 3 plates, players take turns jumping and landing once, then a plate is added each round to determine who can jump onto the highest number of plates. If you group is disparate in age, size, and ability. We recommend creating two stacks- one for the smaller group and one for the taller or more able group.