Monday, November 23, 2015 – The Brand X Method

Monday, November 23, 2015


Monday, November 23, 2015

A Brand X Method™ Kids Workout

10-meter side shuffle races, facing opponent
Or if 4 or more athletes:
10-meter partner side shuffle races – partners face each other while holding right hands

Push press – knees out laterally; show the difference between knees forward and knees out

1:00- bottom of the squat
15 squat jumps
1:00 – bottom of the squat

AMGMAP in 8 minutes
3 box jumps or step-ups, 12”-24″
6 box squats (calves against box)
9 push presses, unloaded-8# dumbbells

Operation – Arrange hula hoops in the center of the play area. Place medicine balls in one, sandbags in another and bumpers in the remaining hula hoop. Scatter generous numbers of saucer cones and PVC pipe around the play area, especially near the hula hoops. Create two teams lined up separately 3-4 meters away from hula hoops. First player in each line hops over hurdles, jumps over boxes and runs to edge of hula hoops to remove an item or items from any hoop. If hula hoops, PVC or saucer cones are touched, the buzzer goes off and the player must return to end of line. Play stops when all items have been retrieved. Teams then count the total number of items retrieved to determine the winning team.

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