Monday, March 30, 2015 – The Brand X Method

Monday, March 30, 2015


Monday, March 30, 2015

A Brand X Method Kids Workout

200-meter run => sprint

Strict pull-ups – bracing and grip

Get Ready
1:00 wrist stretches on floor, palms up
1:00 minute wrist stretches on floor, palms down20150325-DSC_0512-3 20150325-DSC_0517

AMRAP in 5:00
2 strict pull-ups
4 mountain climbers
8 kettlebell swings, 4kg-12 kg

20150223-DSC_0256 20150305-DSC_0062-2 20150325-DSC_0520-2
Paper Airplane
Define a 10-meter by 10-meter grid with lines marked every 2 meters. A concrete pad, or a sidewalk with pre-existing lines approximately 2 meters apart, can also be used.
Line the players up behind the first of five lines.
Assign a task to each line, and make the tasks progres- sively easier. For example, the line closest to the start could call for three burpees, while others could call for two push-ups or a squat. The last line is the “master pilot” line and has no exercises assigned to it.
Kids take turns throwing their airplanes, and the entire group does the exercises corresponding to the last line the plane cleared before landing. The more distance the planes cover, the less work the kids have to do.
Kids who fly their planes past the last line are called “master pilots.”

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