Monday, June 1, 2015 – The Brand X Method

Monday, June 1, 2015


Monday, June 1, 2015

Giant agility ball run – Create drastic change of direction pattern20150216-DSC_0114

Definitions –
Full extension
Rep count
Body hollow position

Runner’s stretch

Partner WORKOUT:
AMRAP in 4:00
Count for accuracy; score is total number of good burpees
10-meter side shuffle
15 burpees20150309-DSC_0031-680x1024

Build and Move a Fort

With available equipment such as crash mats, parallettes, medicine balls, bumper plates, and other fairly soft gym items, create t wo identical “forts” side by side, about 10 feet apart. These forts must have a way to pass through, a tunnel of sorts. Using a 30’ x 30’ space, place three cones straight line 10’ apart beginning at each
“fort.” Athletes will be divided into teams and asked to strategize for one minute prior to start of game. Once “go” is called, all team members must pass through the fort and return to the back of the line. Once all have passed through, the fort is dismantled one piece at a time and reconstructed one piece at a time at the second location, passed through by all. This is repeated again at the third station. Each member may only carry one piece at a time to the next location. Nothing may be carried until all have finished passing through. At the third location, after all have passed through the fort, each member must line up and sit do wn. First team to be seated wins.20150221-DSC_0116-2

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