May 2022 Teen Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

May 2022 Teen Workout #2


May 2022 Teen Workout #2


20 jumping jacks

15 squats

10 Spiderman lunges
5 push ups

100 m run
10 straight arm bandy pull down 10 m alligator walk

5:00 mobility

10 walking lunges (
5 T planks ea. side (5 second hold) (

1:00 plank
20 flutter kicks
20 sit ups
Max toes to bar (strict)


Max Burpee/Mt. Climber combo in 3:00 Combo:

  1. From standing position, drop to ground
  2. Perform push up
  3. In push ups position do two mt. climbers
  4. Return to start position, standing up
  5. This is one rep


On go perform as many as possible in 3:00
Play Strike Ball (


Space Requirements

Groups of any size can play this game but generally groups of 4-8 are best. Space needed to accommodate to circle as shown in the video.

Supplies and Equipment

Some type of ball. You can use a dodgeball, soccer or basketball, even a light medicine ball.

Kids circle up and stand with feet wider than shoulder width. This is a good time to practice “Waiting in the Outfield”

On go, using two hands, one of the players strikes the ball towards another player, trying to send the ball between the players legs

Players continue to strike the ball trying to send it through other players legs. Ball must be hit with two hands

* Players can try to stop or block the ball with their hands or arms,

but can’t close their legs up to prevent a goal

If the ball passes between a players legs they are out for the duration of the game

The last two players can use one hand to strike and block the ball rather than two

Coaches notes
You can have kids who are out do a movement like 3 squats every time someone is out

T spine smash pigeon