May 2022 Kids Workout #3 – The Brand X Method

May 2022 Kids Workout #3


May 2022 Kids Workout #3

For 3-5 minutes
Walking knee hugs 10 meters/30 feet Side shuffle 10 meters/30 feet

1 minute knee circles (knees together) 1 minute each side Spiderman Stretch


While Applying Strong Tree and focusing on knee and ankle position, Coach should demo and then discuss, Lunges in all directions keeping hands crossed over the chest, allow students who may need to use a wall to touch to maintain position.
Cue students to avoid propping their hands on legs as much as possible.

Brand X® Kids Lunge Complex #2 
For 8-12 minutes

Start with 2 of each and increase by two each round as far as you can go Keeping AMCAP
Step Back Lunges, alternating each leg
Step Forward Lunges, alternating each leg

Walking Lunges
30 seconds Hip Bridging on the floor

Play “Catch/Avoid the Bomb”
Within a 10-meter x 10-meter space, using 1 hula hoop or large bucket and 1 Gator Skin ball per child. Each player takes a turn being the catcher and uses the hula hoop (carried horizontally) or bucket to “catch the bombs.” “Bombs” are Gator Skin balls thrown by all other players in the field toward the catcher. Bomb throwers should be scattered around the playing field to keep the catcher constantly moving. Players rotate being catcher every 45 seconds to 1 minute on trainer/teacher cue. Alternative version is have the hoop holder avoiding the bombs.