May 2022 Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

May 2022 Kids Workout #2


May 2022 Kids Workout #2

For 5 minutes
2x Shuttle Run 3 meters and back
10 Chest Throw to the wall (from 2 meters/ 6 feet away )with a dodgeball or playground ball

Get Ready
1 minute Triangle against the wall- each side 1 minute Wounded Eagle


Movement Practice
Review Planked Cross Body pass through. Challenge kids to maintain stable core AND parallel hip position as it relates to the floor


AMCAP 8-10 minutes
10 Step Back Lunges
10 Plank Cross Body Pass throughs (tennis ball to 8#db) 5 Push Ups, 5 attempts diamond or explosive push ups

Play “Sandbag Relay Race”
“Bad Egg” version*
Arrange as two lines, one sandbag 5-15# staged at both start cones.
Upon go both players bear crawl 10 meters and drag sandbags along by sliding it- then either switch with another teammate staged at other end
or run back to start. *one “Bad Egg” is designated for each team, “Bad Egg” can do 5 burpees and then attempt to steal sandbag at any point. If successful, Bad Egg’s” team gets a point. There is no other way to score points.